One thing that helps me when I’m depressed is to remember life’s simple little pleasures. These can be very little things, such as how my socks with the little textured bumpy dots feel on my skin when I put them on and how I like to watch the hot water boil over in my tea cup when I put in the teabag. (Hey, I said “little pleasures,” okay?) They can also be things like snuggling with my boyfriend, watching “Star Trek” while riding my exercise bike, and sitting outside at the picnic table reading. These are things that often put a smile on my face and make me feel like life is worth living.

What are your simple little pleasures? How do you feel when you do them? Can you do at least one or two of them everyday?



  1. Yes, it is the little things! I got a fortune cookie once that said: “All the little things will add up to a happy journey”. My favorite fortune ever & so true.
    I still have it:)


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