May is National Mental Health Month, which exists to help shine a light on mental health issues. In that spirit, Mental Health America is focusing on risky behaviors that can be signs of mental illness or that can be factors in causing or exacerbating mental illness. The organization discusses risky behaviors, such as drug use or unsafe sex, and the hashtag where you can share your story on its website.

National Mental Health Month is also a great time to work on your own mental health. Are you engaging in any risky behaviors that may be harmful to you, or that may be a sign of issues you need to address? What are you doing to maintain balance in your life? What do you do to cope with stress? Is it helping enough? If it is, that’s great! If not, here are some great tips from WebMD and from a practitioner of bibliotherapy that may help.

So, dear readers, I wish you a Happy National Mental Health Month! May you cherish all that makes you special, and may you find strength and support for those difficult times that we all sometimes face.


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