Everyone’s heard of AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, but have you ever heard of EA, Emotions Anonymous? Yes, we with the distressed emotions and unquiet minds (aka those of us with mental illnesses) have our own support group. Actually, we have several. In addition to EA, there are virtual and face-to-face support groups for those with depression and bipolar disorder through Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA), and Mental Health America offers support groups as well as an extensive list of organizations that offer groups for people with a wide variety of mental health disorders. There even used to be a group for people with bipolar disorder called Bipolar Bears! (That’s my favorite support group name EVER!)

Sometimes we with depression and other mental health problems need more support than our friends and family can supply. While it’s not therapy, support groups can be very helpful. The people there have similar problems and can understand what it’s like to struggle with these issues. It can be reassuring to learn that you aren’t the only person who feels like you do. Support groups enable you to meet people who will listen to your concerns and who may be able to give you helpful advice. Maybe you can help someone there, too. Wouldn’t that feel good?



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